Facts about Green Coffee Bean

Green Coffee Bean – A Safe and Efficient Weight Loss Product with Multiple Health Benefits

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Green coffee extract seems to be the latest rage in weight loss. Celebrities like Dr Oz are doing shows about green coffee bean for weight loss and there are green coffee ads everywhere and we see before and after photos of people who have successfully lost weight with the help of this amazing plant extract, so in what follows we would like to summarize all the information you need to know about green coffee.

What is Green Coffee Extract?

The active substance is extracted from the raw green Coffea bean. The bean is the same one as the one we know as the wonderful fruit that gives us coffee, but this time it is used in an unroasted form to preserve its health effects.

green cofee beanWhy Doesn’t Coffee Have the Same Effects as Green Coffee Extract?

The coffee beans used for making the beverage are roasted to give them the unmistakable, full flavor we enjoy so much. However, roasting destroys many of the fruit’s features such as anti-oxidant properties and hunger-clenching potentials. The substance that differentiates roast coffee from green coffee is chlorogenic acid, the phytochemical that can inhibit the release of glucose into the blood.

How Does Green Coffee Bean Extract Work?

One of the principal reasons for weigh gain is the accumulation of glucose that is transformed by the body into adipose tissue. The chlorogenic acid contained in green coffee prevents the body from storing fat. The substance also increases metabolism, accelerating the transformation of sugar into energy and making the body burn fat more efficiently.

With green coffee, you will be able to get rid of food cravings and burn fat without losing precious lean muscle mass. As the pills accelerate your metabolism, you will also feel better and more energetic from the first day you take the pill.

How Efficient Is It?

With green coffee, you can lose about 2 pounds a week, a healthy weight loss pace that gives you visible results without stressing out your body. If you want to make your green coffee aided weight loss project even more efficient, reduce your intake of calories and add some moderate, but regular physical exercise, too.

What is the Recommended Dosage?

The optimum daily dosage of green coffee extract is between 1.200 and 1.600 mg. The best time to take your supplement is 30 minutes before meals, three times a day.

Are There Any Side Effects?

Several studies and trials have been conducted to discover whether green coffee has any unwanted side effects, but none have been discovered. However, green coffee is still coffee and it still contains caffeine, so you should not take it with another nutrition supplement that contains caffeine, such as guarana or mate. People who are sensitive to caffeine will probably experience some mild side effects, similar to the symptoms they notice after drinking a cup of mild coffee.

Does Green Coffee Interfere with Other Medications?

The studies conducted into interference with medications have found that chlorogenic acid may interfere with some prescription drugs used by diabetes patients. Even though green coffee extract is not known to interact with other drugs, it is still recommended to consult with your doctor before you start taking green coffee.

Are There Any Other Health Benefits to Green Coffee?

According to some studies, green coffee extract regulates blood pressure and it can also help prevent diabetes. The extract also has significant anti-oxidant and chemo-protective features, fighting the harmful effects of free radicals and protecting healthy cells from toxins.

Where Can You Get Green Coffee Extract?

Green coffee is available in drug stores and in online shops as well. Several websites offer green coffee bean free trials, so you can try out the pills and see if they work for you before spending any money.

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