Green Tea Extract FAQs

Common Facts and Questions Associated with the Use of Green Tea Extract

Camellia Sinensis has been associated with the production of green tea and a host of other versions of the famous beverage for hundreds of years. But what can you truly gain from green tea extract, and are the stories of all the new products based on the extract true, in terms of the health benefits they offer?
What Are the Common Health Benefits of Green Tea Extract?green-tea-extract

The fat burning benefits of the extract have been documented through many rigorous experiments, pointing to its remarkable fat oxidation properties. In some cases, it was detected that green tea based extracts were able to selectively improve the burning of fat by increasing the fat oxidation process in the body by more than 17%.

Other studies have pointed to the fact that green tea can improve brain function and even reduce the chances of diseases such as Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease. Also, regular consumption has been associated with preventing cardiovascular disease and attaining longer, healthier lives.

Does Green Tea Offer the Same Benefits as the Supplements?

Depending on the manufacturer, green tea supplements can actually offer better advantages than green tea itself. This is mainly due to the careful dosage of the extract and the regulated dosage which could reduce any potential side effects.

The downside is that you don’t always know which brand to trust, and with all the online hype about these types of products, you may end up paying for a less green-tea-2-1520505_250x250reliable supplement, without doing the proper research.

What to Look for in a Dietary Supplement

Although there is no established dosage, the idea behind getting the most health benefits from green tea extract is to look for a supplement that has a higher dosage of polyphenols.

Normally, if you take pills that have a 100 milligram dosage of polyphenols, that’s about the equivalent of two cups of regular green tea. Experts normally suggest that a somewhat higher dosage is necessary to obtain the desired effects – namely, from 125 to 500 mg.

You also have to look at the various other ingredients and additives contained by the formula you buy. Even though there are highly concentrated green tea pills that don’t have other ingredients, some pills also contain chromium, hoodia or other weight loss supplements. To be sure you don’t get any adverse effects from consuming these pills, always check with your doctor before using them.

The great thing about many of these products is that, when it comes to green tea extract, free trials are usually available, allowing you to check whether or not the pill in question genuinely works as advertised before being in any danger of losing money on it.

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