Raspberry Ketone Extract: Does It Really Work?

Can Raspberry Ketone Pills Actually Help You Lose Weight Efficiently?

With increasing numbers of people trying to find an easier way to burn fat more efficiently, many raspberry ketone pills sold as a dietary supplements have appeared on the market, promising remarkable results in just a few weeks or months.

Are these claims true, and is raspberry ketone really the next working miracle pill for burning fat, or are you better off trying to lose weight with a conventional diet and exercise plan?

What Is Raspberry Ketone?

A natural phenolic compound that’s normally found in red raspberries, raspberry ketone basically has the role to provide raspberries with their signature scent.
Since its natural occurrence is somewhat rare, many manufacturers of raspberry ketone supplements either market their products at significantly high prices or rely on its production from chemical intermediates which can, however, produce a near 100% yield. The difference between low-cost and expensive raspberry ketone products is, therefore, not that high.raspberry-ketone-body-benefits

Losing Weight and Suppressing Your Appetite

Lately, numerous manufacturers of raspberry ketone diet pills have emerged, claiming that the compound can help people lose weight. Although no clear results exist to confirm these facts in humans, studies on animals do tend to show slight improvements when it comes to:


-The alleged speed-up of fat processing tasks which results in a higher ability of the body to burn excess, unwanted fat;
-The effective reduction of fatty tissue in the liver;
-The ability to suppress appetite, leading to improved ease in adopting weight loss diets

Among these advantages, only the last one has been promoted by a significant number of people. Many of them claim that, after using raspberry ketone pills, they were able to fend off hunger and effectively change their lifestyle, obtaining small, but significant weight loss effects.

Others have also stated that their ability to burn fat with intense exercise seemed to have been improved, however, most of the individuals who have simply started taking the pills without any consistent change in their diet and exercise habits were often disappointed with their results.

Inconclusive Claims

Due to the lack of proper testing on human subjects, it cannot be suggested that raspberry ketone pills work 100%. However, studies on rats show that the product does discourage fat gain, and positive results have been obtained in humans when using the supplement together with healthy diets and exercise programs.

The good news is that significant side effects have not been reported and for those who want to try out raspberry ketone, free trials are also available; so if you’re not sure that the supplement will work for you, look for a free trial so you can determine whether or not to buy the pills in the long run.